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Halifax is the Capital of Nova Scotia in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The city sits on the Atlantic ocean and boast a lot of great views from the waterfront. If you're big on the outdoors, Halifax's warm summers and relatively warm winters make it a great place to live.

The Halifax waterfront is a great place to meet with friends and enjoy a cold beer.

Newcomers better get used to the laid-back lifestyle. It comes from living on a harbor that is dotted with sailboats, kayaks and windsurfers weaving among the freighters and naval frigates on a clear day. It comes from walking through tree lined streets, parks and green spaces. And from being able to enjoy all the amenities of a cosmopolitan, bigger city thriving theatre, a top notch symphony, live jazz, rock and country music and clubs and still being only a $10 uber ride from home. It comes from leaving the office on a summer Friday afternoon and, within an hour, lying on a saltwater beach, dining on fresh seafood in Lunenburg or catching some Shakespeare in the town of Wolfville.

Nova Scotia is a great place to live because the cost of living, at least until recently was reasonable in Nova Scotia, compared to the rest of Canada. Housing prices, too, at least until recently were quite low.

Thom Boehm - Truro, Nova Scotia Resident


To really understand the appeal of Halifax, it is best to consider the city's self perception as an oasis that just oozes laid back lifestyle, an image that is as justifiable it is contagious. Despite it's laid-back image, the city has become very international and offers many good restaurants.

In Toronto or Vancouver you can sit in traffic for hours, while in Halifax you'll have minutes to the office. Halifax offers just the right mix of big-city cachet and small town comfort. 

Home prices are significantly lower than the Canadian average, but with more people moving here due to affordability, that's not likely to last long.


On the job front, Halifax's proximity to the ocean makes it a hotbed of marine related employment. With over 450 PHD's, Halifax has the worlds highest concentration of marine related research.

In addition, Life Sciences, Finance and Insurance, Aerospace and Defense, Construction, Manufacturing and Motive Power make up a large portion of the growing job market. 

Skilled trades workers under the age of 30 in Nova Scotia can benefit from the More Opportunity for Skilled Trades (MOST) tax refund. Skilled workers who are employed and registered as apprentices or journeypersons in Nova Scotia, will be eligible to have provincial income tax paid on the first $50,000 of income earned. 

The majority of the population is highly educated, with 68% of having a post-secondary education. Local universities and community colleges serve more than 40,000 students annually. There are six universities in the area..


The ci ties of Halifax and Dartmouth encompass the  Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) which extends outside of the downtown core communities such as Sambro, Clayton Park, Hammonds Plains, Bedford, and Fall River,  each have a unique personality and appeal

Halifax houses a thriving downtown business core that turns into a lively and varied nightlife. Dartmouth, the City of Lakes, is often referred to as the bedroom community of Halifax. Bedford was recently declared the community with one of the highest average earnings per capita in Canada.

You are never more than 67 km (42 miles) from the coast and Nova Scotia offers many affordable regions within a short drive of the international airport in Halifax

Something I wish I knew about Halifax when I moved here is Jacky's Noodle Shop. I love it, and it has been here a long time, but I only discovered it recently.

Thom Boehm - Truro, Nova Scotia Resident

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