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We've moved 39 times and have learned a lot about the pitfalls of choosing a moving company, who to inform about our address change and much more. We know how stressful it can be to move across town, across the country or internationally and we share the tips, checklists and advice that we have learned on our journey to help make your move more enjoyable and hopefully less expensive! Once you've learned the basics you'll be armed with the right information to request quotes from moving companies.

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Claim Your Moving Expenses

Learn if you can claim the cost of hiring movers, meals, temporary accommodation and other expenses related to your move.

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Selecting a Quality Moving Company

Ensure the people that pack and move all your possessions are going to move them safely across town, cross-country or to internationally.

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Address Change Checklist

We've simplified it for you with a checklist of federal, provincial/territorial and service providers to notify of your new address

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