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Calgary City Profile

Calgary is located where the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains meet the prairies giving hardworking Calgarians lots of places to play hard.  Horseback riding, snowboarding, golfing, cycling, adventure tours, backpacking, fishing and canoeing are among other activities you can look forward to in and around Calgary.

Two cyclists crossing Peace Bridge in Calgary Alberta

If you love the outdoors, you'll love living in Calgary, Alberta

Albertans have a history of entrepreneurship that still rings true today, however, this pioneer spirit is relaxed during the Calgary Stampede, known as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Calgary is well serviced by public transit, airports and train stations. Neatly divided into four quadrants: northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest , If your address ands with SW everyone knows you live southwest of downtown. A reflection of the ethnic diversity is noted in many of the local
restaurants. Residents can choose from bistros, brew pubs, Cajun, Chinese, Ethopian, German, Indian, Middle Eastern fare and many others.

Calgary is a great place for those wanting to be active - mountains an hour away - endless open parks, trails, and hikes all within a short drive. Beautiful city with good hard working people. Winters get cold - but the weather gives lots of breaks, and lots of sun, so it is manageable.

Troy White - Calgary Resident


You'll never be hard-pressed to find something to do in Calgary year-round. 

There are several different shopping districts that offer a wide variety of choices of atmospheres as well as goods. The Eau Claire Market hosts an eclectic assortment of specialty shops, boutiques and restaurants and. The Downtown shopping district is connected with an indoor walkway system for those wishing to stay out of the elements. 

The city has an extensive park system that provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. Edworthy, Bowness, Riley and Prince‚Äôs Island parks are all available to the public. Fish Creek Provincial Park offers swimming and has numerous trails for both hikers and bicyclers. And Glenmore Reservoir covers 30 acres, offering sailing and canoeing. Snowboarding,, downhill skiing and bobsleigh are all possible inside the city limits at Canada Olympic Park and the ski and snowboarding options in the mountains are only a 45 minute drive away.

Yearly events include, The Calgary Stampede, the Calgary International Jazz Festival, Heritage Day Festival and the International Native Arts Festival. 


While Calgary continues to be a major centre for the global energy industry, it's rapidly expanding economy has diversified far beyond its traditional strength. Energy, Technology, Manufacturing, Financial and Business Services, Transportation and Logistics and Film and Creative Industries are examples of the many industries contributing to Calgary's exponential growth and to its international reputation for innovation.

Calgary benefits from a low tax regime. The province of Alberta has no municipal sales tax, provincial sales or provincial general capital tax, and has one of the lowest provincial corporate tax rates in Canada


There are over 145 communities in Calgary, each offering facilities, events and programs to match your interests and  to connect you with and have fun with with your neighbours. You can get help  out on the community roof-top garden in the old neighborhood of Bridgeland/Riverside near downtown, explore the walking and biking trails of Fish Creek Provincial Park on the southern boundary of Deer Run in the southeastern part of the city or enjoy a day out at the Dalhousie Casino in northwest Calgary.

The Federation of Calgary Communities is a great place to explore  events, facilities and programs offered by all Calgary communities.

Solid work eithic here. Very entrepreneurial Driven. Motivated. Self-directed. The pay is good here as a business owner and as an employee.

Troy White - Calgary Resident

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