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You're Moving. Who Should You Notify?

If only there was a simple answer to this question. The reality is, it varies based on which province or territory you live in or you are moving to. We've simplified it for you by gathering links to everything you need at the federal and provincial/territorial level on this page as well checklists for other service providers that you will have to inform about your move. This includes:

  • Revenue Canada
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Schools
  • Utilities
  • Cell phone carrier
  • Post Office
  • ...and more

Keep reading to find information to simplify your address change notifications or if you already know who to notify you can go straight to our downloadable change of address checklist so you can keep track of the notifications you've made.

Map of Canada with a location pin in Quebec and another in British Columbia. A red trail marking a journey connects the pins

You need to inform a lot of agencies and companies when you move to a new home 

Canada Post is Your First Stop

Your first step is to forward your mail to ensure you do not miss important letters sent to your former address. Canada Post allows you to forward mail for a 4 or 12 months, or if you are relocating temporarily, 3 months. You can register for Mail Forwarding online or in person at any Canada Post Office. Mail forwarding services are provided nationwide and internationally. There is a fee for mail forwarding. 

There are quite a few other organisations to notify of your address change. The biggest challenge is at the Provincial/Territorial level. Each Province and Territory have different ways of notifying them. Some allow you to inform government agencies, utilities and other organsations with one click, others require you to visit multiple websites or in person. Don't worry though, we've included links to the main agencies like healthcare and motor vehicles for your convenience.

We have also included a list of other service providers you may need to contact and a checklist that you can save to your phone to keep track of who you've contacted, you can even personalise it with service providers we may not have thought of.

Changing Your Address With Federal Government agencies
Notify Provincial/Territory Agencies
Other Service Providers you may need to Notify
Save These Address Change Checklists to Your Phone

Save our customizable address change checklists to your phone to help you can keep track of who you've notified.

Governmental Notifications

  • Federal Canada Revenue Agency, My Service Canada Account and Canada Customs: child tax benefit, Canada Pension Plan, GST rebate, income tax. See Changing Your Address With Federal Government agencies
  • Health Care Insurance: If you are moving to another province/territory the number of days to register varies. See Notify Provincial/Territory Agencies for more information about your Province or Territory
  • Motor Vehicles: Change drivers license, vehicle and plate registrations. Provinces allow from 30-120 days for you to change after you become a resident. Some provinces have mandatory inspection programs before you can register/insure your vehicle. See Notify Provincial/Territory Agencies for more information about your Province or Territory
  • Utilities: Electricity, Gas, and Water, Contact your existing and new utility companies. Advise them of your new address and date of moving. Give plenty of notice, and always phone them up a second time to confirm your service will be operational on the day you move in. Some Provinces/Territories allow you to notify Utility companies via their website, see Notify Provincial/Territory Agencies for more information.

Changing Your Address With Federal Agencies

Canada Revenue Agency Address Change. Use this online service to change your home address, your mailing address, and your phone number(s).

My Service Canada Account. Use this online service to update your information for Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Canada Pension Plan disability and Old Age Security (OAS).

Notifying Provincial and Territorial Agencies

There are a few extra things for you to do if you are moving to another province or territory. Firstly, make sure you keep paying any healthcare premiums in your old province/territory, so you maintain full coverage. Once your new provincial/territorial Health agency has confirmed your healthcare coverage you can request any credit due from your old health care system. Secondly, you'll need to get a Drivers Licence and Vehicle Registration in your new province/territory. Depending on which province or territory you're moving to, you will be given anywhere from 30-120 days for you to register your vehicle after you become a resident. Be sure to contact the local Motor Vehicles to learn their requirements before you more so you know what to expect. Some provinces/territories have mandatory inspection programs before you can register/insure your vehicle.


British Columbia


  • You can notify 12 government, utilities and other organizations of your address change with one click at Manitoba Address Change. You can choose Winnipeg Water and Waste, Manitoba Hydro, University of Manitoba, Red River Co-op, Manitoba Health, Aboriginal and Northern Affairs and other organizations to be notified.

New Brunswick

  • Service New Brunswick allows easy address change notification for Motor vehicle registration, Driver's licence, Medicare, Property accounts and Parking placard (for persons with disabilities).

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia

  • Update your address on your Health Registry Card and Registry of Motor Vehicles at the Nova Scotia Government website



  • Change your address on your your health card, driver’s licence, and/or vehicle permit on the Ontario Government website.

Prince Edward Island



Yukon Territory

Other Service Providers to Notify

Other service providers will vary person-to-person, we've included a list of the most common providers below. We have aslo included these providers and the federal and provincial notifications on a checklist you can save to your phone so you can keep track of your notifications. We've even allowed space for you to personalise your checklist on page 2.

  • Credit Card Companies: When you receive your statements, fill out the change of address form. This is usually on the reverse of the statement. Don't forget to notify any card protection insurers that you may have.
  • Financial Institutions: Notify all your banks/credit unions/financial adviser/investment firms/mortgage brokers of your change of address and maybe consider transferring your accounts to a branch nearer to your new home.
  • Insurance Companies: Contact your broker or the individual companies for your Life, Motor, Medical, Pet and Contents and any other insurance. When contacting your house contents insurers, check with them to see what cover you have regarding moving the contents of your home, you may find that you are fully covered and have no need to take out extra cover with your moving company.
  • Doctor, Dentist, Opticians: If your move requires you to change healthcare providers, be sure to request that your medical records be forwarded to your new provider.
  • Schools & Daycares: Let your child's school/daycare know when you intend them to be leaving and advise the new school/daycare when you intend your children to start.
  • Your Workplace
  • Subscriptions, magazines and other
  • Rewards Programs
  • Cell Phone, Internet and/or Cable providers

Save These Address Change Checklists to Your Phone

Save these checklists to your phone and keep track of who you've notified about your address change, you can even personalise it by adding other service providers by using the markup function on your phone's photos.

Change of Address Checklist For Canada

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