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After 90 issues we have closed our Newsletter, February 2007 being the last issue. Our mailing list has been deleted after the final mailing. We have covered all the major and minor things about relocation for the past 8 years. On this page you can find one year of "Moving Times" issues packed with information. For more on Relocation use our 2000+ page website to find all the information you need for your next move:



Moving Times, Editor

January 2007

Deducting your Moving expenses, Moving tips from a mover, To move or not to move?.
December 2006

Relocation Tips, My first Relocation Experience.
November 2006

Trials and Tribulations of a Mover, Five steps to selecting a Moving Company, Selecting a Real Estate Agent.
October 2006

Cool cat collected thought on relocation
What to look for in your new city
September 2006

Using Statistics to determine your move
What to look for in your new neighbourhood
Canadian Languages
August 2006

Is a Self-Move Right for You?
Absent from work or the art of playing hooky!
July 2006

How to avoid Relocation headaches!
June 2006

To tip or not to tip your movers?
How to enroll your children in school.
May 2006

Deduction of Moving expenses on your tax return.
April 2006

Tips for taking the stress out of moving long distance, Culture Shock.
March 2006

Not Having Enough Details & Demographics About Your New Hometown
February 2006

To pack or not to pack!
Claiming Moving Expenses when moving in Canada.
January 2006

To Have or not to Have,
that is the question!

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